New Media

Our experienced localization team can provide you with data localization services such as subtitling, transcription, and audio translation, helping your published content to gain more traffic.

Whether you are a company developing overseas markets or a content creator who wants to attract more attention, we are the ideal partner to help you achieve your goals.

We understand the inner workings of new media and know what users are interested in. Our language services can help you enhance your content’s local exposure.

We can help you effortlessly attract the attention of consumers, promoting your brand’s international awareness and increasing global sales.

Content for Official Accounts

Translation and localization of content on platforms such as Weibo and Official Accounts into target languages, while retaining the style and tone of your original content. Inbound marketing activities can help your company globalize rapidly.

Social Media

We can transform the content you post on social platforms into the local language to ensure that your message is delivered to your users clearly and accurately, preventing any loss in meaning due to language barriers.

Press Releases

Our strong translation team can ensure that your important news and updates are delivered to your users in a clear manner.  Our certified translators can maintain the original tone and richness of your draft release to the greatest extent possible.

Online Subtitles

From Douyin and Bilibili to Tiktok and Youtube, our expert new media translation team can provide accurate subtitles for your digital content in 120+ languages, so that your audience can enjoy your content with ease.


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We can translate 230+ languages

Rich resources for minor and rare languages


 Years of Translation Experience

20 years of experience in translation

Our clients span various industries


Translators Worldwide

30000+ translators worldwide

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International certifications: ISO9001, ISO17100

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