New Media Localization

We can adjust your content to conform with local language practices during your development of local markets so that your target users can understand your messages effortlessly, helping your company attract more attention.

We fully consider all cultural differences so that local users cannot perceive any language irregularities.

We not only pay attention to the overall quality of the project, but we also watch closely for any minute variations, ensuring that your content is perfectly fitting for the local culture and language after localization.

We can help you achieve your goals of attracting more user attention, promoting user interaction, enhancing user experience, and improving user viscosity.

Audio and Video Translation

Native transcription and translation of audio and video, translation of e-learning materials


Adverts, documentaries, product promo videos, animation movies, social media videos


Product adverts, product launch videos, company intro videos, product instruction videos


Audio and video transription and scripts and subtitles for platforms such as Netflix and podcasts

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Why Choose Sodo Global ?

In addition to having exceptional capabilities in quality and efficiency, we are also highly cost-efficient, helping your company save both time and money.


Term database + Translation management system

= A direct path to speedy delivery

Industry Expertise

20 years of experience + New media language experts

= All your needs satisfied

Expansion Capabilities

30k translators worldwide + Language experts from 21 different industries

= Rapidly developing service scope