About Us

Breaking through language barriers for total freedom in communication. Fast and efficient completion of your language projects.

Company Overview

Sodo Global is a high-end translation brand under the CCJK Group. The Group was established in 2000. It has grown from an initially small team into a supplier of multi-language solutions with two ISO certifications, and the only professional multi-language services provider in Asia with GE Global Certification. We provide language services to numerous Global 500 corporations as a long-standing industry leader in translation and localization.

Sodo Global has taken on the global market, forming strategic cooperations with language service providers in various locations all over the world to provide bi-directional native translation services in a vast variety of languages. We provide professional one-stop multi-language services for our clients to facilitate Chinese companies in entering the global market. We assist our clients in adapting their products and content to the language practices of local users, enhancing the user experience, and promoting your brand’s influence.

Our Mission and Vision

We are constantly improving our quality and expanding our scope of services to transform the system language of your products/services into the target languages of your users, helping your company to build a favorable brand image and enter the international market.

We are committed to the goal of building the largest, highest-quality corpus and term database, and becoming an “industry unicorn” in global intelligent language services in 3-5 years.

Workflow of Our One-Stop Service

Our complete one-stop service workflow allows us to tailor solutions according to your project requirements and quickly assign the most suitable translator for the job, guaranteeing both quality and efficiency at the same time.

We always thoroughly check our work with strict quality assurance standards before we deliver, ensuring that we are truly the “one-stop solution” to your problems.

Why Choose Sodo Global?

Sodo Global always upholds the philosophy of being “customer-centered”, and we are constantly expanding our resources, refining our technical skills, and strictly adhering to translation quality control standards — all so that we can provide you with services of the utmost quality. We have already obtained two international certifications: ISO9001-2008 and ISO17100. Our exceptional translation team, rigorous work processes, and reliable partners are all essential elements to our current success.

Developing Resources — Enhancing Our Industry-leading Core Competitiveness

Our competencies in working with a rich and diverse variety of langauges is one of the reasons why Sodo Global is an industry leader. Having started with our focus on Chinese, Japanese and Korean projects, we can now translate 230+ langugages (including Hebrew, Inuktitut, Chuukese and other minor and rare languages). Experienced translators are constantly joining our team and making our language capabilities more and more diverse and allowing us to expand our scope of services, so that we can provide more quality services to our clients and build on our core competitiveness.