Who Uses Sodo Global’s Services?

Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Duration: 3 Years

Services: Translation of experimental documents

Industry: Communication

Duration: 5 Years

Services: Translation of operating manuals and user guides

Industry: AI Data

Duration: 1 Year

Services: Translation, recordings, questionnaires

Industry:  Presses, industrial automation and stamping workshop planning

Duration: 6 Years

Services: Manuals, promotional booklets

Industry: Finance

Duration: 2 Years

Services: Translation of financial reports

Industry: Control elements and sensors

Duration: 5 Years

Services: Manuals and promotional booklets

Translation of press releases
Translation of publications
Translation of Authorized Distribution Contract
Advance Medical

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We can translate 230+ languages

Rich resources for minor and rare languages


Years of Translation Experience

20 years of experience in translation

Our clients span various industries


Translators Worldwide

30000+ translators worldwide

Highly specialized language experts from 21 fields


International Certifications

International certifications: ISO9001, ISO17100

A powerful translation management system